Certification, environment and csr

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Corporate social responsibility

Pasco collaborates closely with several production factories from Europe, America and Asia.

Respect, good working circumstances, a correct ethical code of conduct are very important for PascoGifts. The fulfilment and adherence of these agreements is for us a priority and very important:

  1. Free choice of labour
  2. No discrimination of employees
  3. No child labour
  4. Payment of an acceptable salary
  5. No excessive working hours
  6. Safe and healthy working conditions
  7. A legal employment contract
  8. Freedom of union and right of collective entrepreneurship

Corporate social responsibility- be fair to me

Environmental entrepreneurship

Honest, safe and healthy working conditions are very important for Pasco. But also environmental awareness is very relevant in the choice of our suppliers. We prefer manufacturers who constantly invest in environmental improvements in their production process.

Made in Europe

Besides production in China, Taiwan and India a big part of our promo articles and business gifts are produced in Europe. And we are very proud of this!

Gold! Pasco again elected as the best company in business gifts and promotional items.