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A scarf or beanie is the final touch to any winter outfit. Although, really, you need them in every season. Have a look at our extensive collection of scarves and beanies to find out which models would suit your employees best. And which models suit your logo and company name best, of course.

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Printed beanies

If you have employees who need to be on the road a lot, they really need a nice warm beanie or hat. You’ll want one that suits their uniform, with your logo and company name clearly visible. A beanie hat or gloves-and-scarf set match every outfit, despite the season. We’ll embroider or print your logo and company name on every item, so your message will be clear.

Printed scarves and gloves

They often go hand in hand, scarves and gloves. A scarf is used more often, not only to protect yourself from wind, rain and cold, but also as a fashion statement. We have knitted promo-scarves and scarves that are almost big enough to wrap yourself in. Both models can, of course, have your logo and company name printed on it.

Everyone who works outside or bikes to work needs a firm and warm pair of gloves. We have smartgloves that allow you to use a smartphone or tablet. Handy for everyone who uses such devices professionally. If you’re looking for extra warmth, we also have thick gloves or mittens you can fold over when you need to use your hands.

Do you want any additional information about our scarves, gloves or hats? Or other promotional clothes? Contact our team of experts with any questions you may have.

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