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Do you have a sweet tooth? We do. And we’re pretty sure your customers and employees do too. That’s why we recommend treating them with a gift from our Printed Sweets & Soda selection. And if you imprint the box or wrapping with your company name or logo, you’ll have the sweetest promotional product money can buy.

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Promotional sweets individually printed with your logo

Brand identity, that’s what it’s all about. How is your brand perceived by the public? What do your customers think about when they hear your company’s name or see its logo? I’m sure there are many marketing bureaus and ad agencies willing to tell you. For a hefty price.

But knowing how you’re perceived and changing it are two very different things. Association is a good way to start. Association is a connection that exists in the mind of your customers. A link between your company and…and what? That’s for you to decide. Associate your company with something helpful, practical or useful. Or something delicious! Sweets, for instance.

If your company is at an event or a festival, handing out mints or chocolates is a great way to get noticed in a positive way. For the next few hours, every time someone wants a tasty treat they’ll think of your company. That’s positive association.

Do you have a company restaurant? Hand out peppermints or chewing gum after meals. Do you have many parents with children visiting your stores? Make sure you have a bowl of lollipops at hand to give your future customers a sugar rush! 

Coffee, tea and water

But it doesn’t have to be sweet. Water, coffee and tea are products that everyone keeps around the house or around the office. A tasteful logo or company name turns these everyday items into promotional goldmines.

And imprinting products is our expertise. Our team of experts are ready to help guide you through the process or answer any questions you might have.

Tip: persuade young and old with tasty sweets or give yourself a fresh image with peppermints. Candy and chocolate are the ideal choice for specific occasions. For example think of Easter eggs around Easter or candy in the shape of hearts at Valentine’s Day. But even out of season cookies, candy, coffee and tea are an appreciated and delicious way to bring out your message in an original way.

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