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Printed soccer balls

Would you like to see your logo or company name flying through the air, over the heads of an ecstatic crowd? Then print your logo or company name on a soccer ball! A sure-fire way to score with customers, employees and business relations. Pasco Gifts will lend a helping hand.

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Printed soccer balls

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. Whatever the season, once the school bell has rung, you can hear and see children playing soccer in every other garden or park.

At Pasco Gifts, we always recommend you use promotional products that are useful for your customers. That means you can’t go wrong with a printed soccer ball. These printed promo deluxe balls are tailor-made. We print your logo and company name four times on this first class artificial leather ball. The only thing left for you to do, is hand out this brilliant piece of advertising. It won’t be long before your company name will be found in many a garden or park. Now that’s advertising.

Our 30-panel football has an oversized panel for your print of choice. We’ll make sure you’re noticed, even in the middle of an intense game of soccer. Our trendy Slazenger football has a modern look. We’ll put your print on the white or blue panel.

Printed rugby balls and volley balls

Life is more than just soccer. We also have rugby, American football and volleyball to enjoy. Our printed stadium rugby ball has four large panels with more than enough room to print your logo, name or message upon. And with our beach volley ball, every trip to the beach becomes an adventure. Hand it out to your customers and employees and they’ll be thinking of your company, even during the holidays.

If you’re looking for other sports accessories to print your logo on, have a look at our printed outdoor gifts collection. You’ll find large collections of Frisbees, beach balls and golf balls. If you have any more questions about our products or want the opinion of one of our experts? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Play champion with a real soccer ball. A playful idea for big and small, young and old.

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