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A party is not complete without balloons. A company party is not complete without balloons printed with your logo. It’s a fun way to advertise and Pasco Gifts knows all about it. Let us print your logo or company name on balloons and watch your brand awareness take flight.

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Promotional Balloons imprinted with your logo

So, you’re having a party. Good for you! It’s a great way to relax with your employees and customers. But that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a great way to advertise. Increase your brand awareness and let everyone know who brings the party with them by livening things up with balloons that have your company name or logo printed on them.

But the party doesn’t end there. Organising an event, conference or festival is a great way to involve more customers in your business. Handing out printed balloons to young and old turns them all into walking billboards who advertise your company wherever they go. If you fill the printed balloons up with helium they can even transport your logo or company name to heretofore unexplored markets. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

At Pasco Gifts we believe every party is an opportunity to advertise. Printing your name on these heart-shaped balloons is a great way to advertise on Valentine’s day.

If you want to surprise your guests or count down to New Year’s Eve, we have this handy balloon release net. Attach it to the ceiling and, at the proper time, hundreds of printed balloons will fall on your guests. Imagine showering your customers with promotional material.

Printed balloons, an evergreen that favours the little and big ones and lets your brand stand out. Also the big punch balls are very popular, a bit more solid than regular balloons with therefore fun that lasts longer. We also offer all the necessary attributes: blowing pumps, carrying sticks, a balloon carrier, …

Other party promotional material

If you want your party to be a success, you’ll need much more than just printed balloons. Luckily, Pasco Gifts also carries flags, party masks in any shape, and packaging for gifts. Our promotional products can be imprinted with your company name or logo to maximise your visibility.

If you have any questions about promotional material, printed balloons or our printing possibilities, please contact our team.

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