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Having a party? Let Pasco Gifts help with printed party gifts. We’ll supply all the balloons, flags, party hats and party attributes you need. Imprinted with your company name or logo of course. It is your party, after all.

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Printed party gifts

Everyone should have a party, occasionally. Especially companies. It’s a great way to let your employees unwind and to thank them for their hard work. Promotional material is a great gift, but it also works well at your own parties or events.

Take this balloon, for instance. Printed balloons: A fun, inexpensive way to brighten up an office party or the birthday of one of your colleagues. Or, if you don’t mind the noise, a party horn also livens up a shindig.

But there is so much more fun to be had.

Themed parties

Google does it all the time. Throwing theme parties to thank their employees for their hard work and to show them there’s a time for fun and relaxation as well. It’s a festive way of improving team spirit and interdepartmental cohesion. In short, nothing but benefits.

Our heart-shaped balloons are a wonderful addition to any Valentine’s Day party and will help your employees and their significant others get in the celebratory mood. If you want to have a party celebrating our national sporting teams’ achievements, we have facepaint to make sure everyone knows who you’re cheering for.

A Christmas party is usually the company event of the year. You can make sure everyone’s ready to celebrate with our collection of Christmas hats, baubles and guess what…more Christmas hats. Because, really, you can’t have enough hats.

For Halloween, we have party masks to hand out to colleagues or customers. They’re more funny than scary, so they’re great for children.

Imprinting promotional products

Imprinting promotional products is a great way to remind people that your company represents more than just expertise and experience. It represents fun and pleasure. Let our team of experts help you choose the right product to get your message across. 

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