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Always a fresh idea: a pack of chewing gum with your logo. In a blister or box. As a small gift that is a thankful promotional gift.

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Promotional chewing gum

Printing your logo or company name on a packet of chewing gum is always a good idea. It’s a small, inexpensive gift that will stay in your customers’ purses or coat pockets for a long time. And after every meal your printed logo will be brought out for all to see.

Printed chewing gum

Printing your logo on a packet of chewing gum and then handing it out at parties, events, conferences or festivals is a great way to advertise. This promotional product will be put in every purse or coat pocket, to reappear after every meal. It’s a way to expose a lot of people to your logo and company name and to associate your organisation with a fresh and useful product.

Add to that the fact that chewing gum is often shared with friends and you know that your company will reach a lot more people than just your initial target audience. By handing out packets of gum printed with your logo you’ll turn every customer into a walking bill board.

Our chewing gum comes in boxes or packets, depending on what you need. Are you planning on handing out this promotional product, then we suggest a packet. Do you intend to leave the chewing gum on a table in a restaurant, dining hall or office, then a box would be preferable.

Even more printed promotional products

If you’re looking for other delicious promotional products to showcase your logo or company name, then we also have different kinds of pepper mint, candy and lollipops, chocolate and cookies to offer. If you’d like to combine your promo products, we also have coffee & tea or bottles of water. Print your logo on the products to maximise the effect.

Are you still doubting which promotional product to buy? Do you have any questions about the printing process? Contact our team of experts and they’ll answer all your questions.

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