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Always a dry saddle thanks to a waterproof saddle cover. A good idea for who is looking for a budget friendly but useful promotional item.

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Promotional saddle covers

Are you looking for a budget-friendly way of advertising? Do you want to promote cycling and healthy living? Then have us print your logo or company name on one of our saddle covers. Useful, prominently visible and inexpensive. The hallmarks of good adversing, we think.

Printed saddle covers

A saddle cover is a handy promotional product. It protects your saddle from rain so you’ll be dry while you’re cycling. But, as a company, you can use it for so much more. You can imprint it with your logo or company name so your employees or customers aren’t just cycling more comfortably, they’re also advertising your company or product.

Imagine this, a pedestrian strolls past your company and sees a row of bikes. Each saddle has a cover with your name or logo printed on it, because all your employees have one of your specially printed saddle covers. Even better, people walk past a bakery, butcher’s or bar and see this flashy, noticeable saddle cover, with your logo on it. Because your employees don’t just bike to work.

This saddle cover is coated with a water-resistant layer and can be delivered in no fewer than 17 different colours. Colourful and waterproof! Our Bypro saddle cover has an elastic rubber finish, so the rain simply glides off the saddle.

Environmentally friendly printed saddle covers

Printed eco-friendly saddle-covers have three advantages. They’re a handy promotional product for your employees or customers. The print of your logo or company name is an eye-popping form of advertising. And you’re proving to the world your company is concerned about nature and the environment.

Our ecological saddle cover is tailor-made, with full-colour print. That means the entire surface is used for the print of your choice. Be as bold or subtle as you choose! Our recycled saddle cover is made from recycled plastic.

If you have any questions about our promotional products or prints, feel free to contact our team of experts. They’d love to help!

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