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A folding ruler is such an item that will surprise you if there is no advertisement on it? So make use of that habit and leave your message on a handy folding ruler.

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Promotional foldable rulers

Every garage, shed or workspace should have a foldable ruler on it. Every construction site should have more than a few lying around. Make sure your company is the one that supplies this invaluable tool, by handing out foldable rulers to the right people. With your name or logo printed on it, of course. Pasco Gifts can help with that.

Printed foldable rulers

If your company is active in the construction sector or caters to a lot of DIY customers, handing out a foldable ruler as a promotional product is a smart move. It’s a product that people use a lot, either professionally or when doing chores around the house. Either way, they’d love to have one, or an additional one, in their sheds or garages.

The Stabila folding ruler is our best-selling classic. The traditional folding ruler you know and love, personalised with your logo and company name. That way you’ll have a presence on every construction or building site and in every home.

If you’re looking for a more colourful promotional product to enhance with your logo or company name, look no further than our wooden folding rule. Available in no less than 13 different colours.

But there’s no need to go quite so big. Our miniature foldable ruler has a key-ring, so you can easily attach it to your keychain. It can measure distances up to 0,5 metres. This mini-rule can give you accurate measurements up to 1 m. and can also find a home among your keys. Needless to say, you can print your logo and company name on both promotional products.

If you’re looking for other printable promotional products to hand out to your do-it-yourself-savvy customers, we also have a multi tools, tape measures, carpenter pencils and flashlights.

If you have any questions about our promotional products or printing process, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts.

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