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Indispensable in every DIY box: a hobby blade or cutter knife. The container holds a series of snap-off blades that you can easily break off when they are blunt, so you’ll have a sharp knife again to proceed.

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A hobby knife, for when packaging gets in the way

We’re sure it’s happened to you. You buy scissors, a toothbrush, or, ironically, a hobby knife and the product comes in a packaging that feels like it’s made of reinforced concrete. Scissors, ordinary knives, nails and teeth, nothing gets it open.

When you move house, same thing. Moving is a stressful event in and of itself, but it’s made even worse when your well-intentioned spouse hermetically seals all your boxes with masses of tape. Ordinary scissors or knives are clumsy or even dangerous.

A hobby knife (or xacto blade) is the ideal solution. The perfect promotional product for companies that want to be known as reliable, competent and above all handy during stressful situations. Even better if you have the product imprinted with the name or logo of your company. A personalised product always means more to your customers.

With imprint

Do you want an imprint on your product? Good idea. It happens to be our specialty. Our experts won’t just help you choose a product, they’ll also guide you in deciding exactly how you want to imprint your hobby knife. After years of experience we know exactly how to optimise every product: with a delicate touch or, conversely, a bold statement. Give us a challenge.

The hobby knife XXL is the perfect example of a hobby knife for all occasions. With room on the side for an imprinted text. Would you prefer something more colourful? We also have the Cutter hobby knife, with no less than 4 colours to choose from.

Does a pocket knife or multitool better suit your needs? Have a look at our work tools section for a wide selection of tools. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service and ask for a non-binding quote. 

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