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Facing the cold is so much easier with a decent coat. Our printed jackets are of high quality and protect you employees in all weather conditions. From practical raincoats to comfortable softshell jackets with your logo.

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Printed promotional jackets

Defy the winter cold and be fashionable in summer, with one of our printed jackets. Print your logo prominently on the back and subtly on the front, to achieve any desired effect. Our jackets can be part of a professional uniform or can serve as a casual form of advertising. You choose, Pasco Gifts delivers.

Printed casual jackets, softshell jackets and windjacks

A casual jacket is a useful item of clothing, at all times. An isolated jacket is water resistant, wind resistant and elegant. You can print or embroider your logo, company name or message on the jacket, so every print will look extraordinarily elegant.

Our softshell jackets are light, comfortable and breathing. Water and wind resistant. Is your team defying the elements on a team building exercise? Of do you want to have a warm corporate gift to present to your business relations from colder climes? Print your logo and company name on our softshell jackets and associate your company with comfort and warmth.

Printed windjacks will keep your body temperature up, even in the coldest temperatures. They’re can be fun pieces of promotional clothing or fitting corporate gifts for your business relations. And, of course, printable with your logo and company name.

Printed winter jackets and rain jackets

A good rain jacket is unmissable. If you’re looking for fun promotional clothes to hand out, or a professional safety jacket, Pasco Gifts has plenty of choice. Print the backside and the front with your logo, so everyone will know for whom your employees are working.

The winter jacket is a must in every wardrobe. If you have a model with hood and chin guard, you’re safe from the cold, day and night. Our ski-vests aren’t only sporty, they’re also warm during the winter days. The thermic technology regulates your temperature by keeping in the heat.

Do you have any questions about our promotional clothes or printing process? Feel free to contact our team of experts!

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