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Gift Concept

How to reward your clients or employees for their loyalty? Or how to show appreciation to your staff? Let them choose a nice gift that they really like and say ‘thank you’ through our unique concept.

Let them choose!

No more stress to find the ideal gift for your clients or staff. You want the receiver as well as you to be happy, than this is the ideal concept as everyone chooses their own gift.

  • This concept enables your employees or customers to choose the gift they really like.
  • A unique e-shop with your homepage and your logo will be created by us.
  • Your customers or staff can select in a range of 6 or 12 gifts according to your budget.
  • Thanks to this list they can choose their favorite gift.
  • Everything is processed automatically. Pasco will be in charge of the follow-up, the processing and reporting.
  • All gifts will be centralized and delivered to you. Every gift will be labelled with the name of the person it is destined for.
  • The biggest advantage compared to coupons is that you will only pay for the gifts you’ve purchased.
  • View an example of the Gift Concept.

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