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Try to imagine: a large crowd of people, all waving a flag with publicity of your company … It is possible for your next company party: our paper promo flags are inexpensive and printed as you like. Wave!

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Promotional flags

Imagine this: a large crowd of people, all advertising your product or company. Doesn’t that sound great? Well, these printed flags can make that dream a reality. Printed flags, big fake hands, bunting, Pasco Gifts has it all. An ideal way to liven up your company event or conference.

Printed flags

We’re sure your company often contributes to large events. Company parties, family days, conferences, events, festivals, open days and a hundred other times when your company has an opportunity to shine.

Our printed flags allow you to seize that opportunity! Print your name, message or logo on our flags, bunting or waving hands and not only will tons of people see your name or logo, they’ll wave it around too! Now that’s advertising.

With our budget-friendly promo flags, you can’t go wrong. Print your logo or company name on them and then hand them out to every visitor you meet. In a matter of minutes everyone will be waving your printed flags about. Doubly fun (and doubly effective) when there are children about.

If you’re looking for a certain size of flag, we have several options:

  • Printed flags 11,5 x 24 cm
  • Printed flags 14,8 x 22 cm
  • Printed flags 21 x 31 cm

Not sure which way to go? Pose any questions you may have about our products and printing process to our team of experts. They’ll help you any way they can.

Printed bunting and waving hands

At Pasco Gifts, we’ll print your logo or company name on more than just flags. If you want to decorate a room or garden, use our printed bunting. We also have a model, which comes printed with the flag of your country of choice. An excellent way to welcome visiting business relations or liven up a themed party.

Waving hands are another great promotional product. Hand them out to customers or visitors and you’ll see a return on investment in minutes. Because who doesn’t like waving one of these around, branded or otherwise?

Do you have any questions, remarks or suggestions for our team of experts? Good! Please contact them here.

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