Is any printing color possible?

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Yes any printing color is possible. We print anything you desire and the print is possible in all colors.

You can choose:

  • Every standard color (black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange …).
  • Specific pantone/PMS colors (Pantone® Matching System Color Chart). When the logo is printed in a specific color, please transmit us the Pantone/PMS-numbers.
  • - CMYK colors for a full color print.

Most commonly used printing methods at Pasco

  • Quality Print: our most used printing technique. Can be used on plastic, glass, ceramics, paper, wood, metal, polyester, nylon, cotton, …. Depending on the product we prefer pad-, transfer- or screen printing. Our quality print is possible is possible in any standard color for example red, blue, yellow, green, orange, … Specific pantone or PMS colors are also possible.  
  • Full colour print: for full color or digital print the 4 basic full colors (CMYK) get mixed and the printer can realize any print you want. Very suited for pictures and images with many colors. A full color print can be applied on many products. 
  • Doming: is a 3D printing technique that consists of a full color printed sticker that gets coated with a transparent resin layer This resin layer gives the product an extra dimension. Very suited for full color and pictures. Can be applied on plastic, paper, wood, metals, …
  • Laser engraving: done with a laser beam that etches a decoration with huge precision in a surface. This by means of a computer driven laser that engraves the top layer of the article and thus visualizes the layer underneath. Can be applied on metals, glass, ceramics, wood, stone, paper, leather, artificial leather.
  • Embossing: is a technique with which there is no ink used, but an emboss applied in or on the product. This makes an item get a more chic appearance. Can be applied on leather, artificial leather, pu- and pvc material, paper … 
  • Embroidery: this consists of a decoration on tissue by threads woven in a certain pattern. Needle and thread are driven by a computer and logo’s and designs get stitched on clothes and textile. The price of the embroidery depends on the amount of stitches needed. The bigger the design the more expensive the embroidery. Can be applied on cotton, polyester, fleece … 

Other printing techniques we use for an optimal result are:

  • Ceramic printing
  • Puff print
  • Sublimation printing
  • UV High Gloss pad printing 
  • 3D digital print 
  • Single-name printing 
  • Debossing
  • Hot stamping

Relax … we always choose the most recommended printing method

You don’t know how and what to choose? Relax … we will always choose the most recommended printing method. Don’t worry about this.

Pasco always and only uses the most professional printing, engraving or embroidery techniques. This guarantees you the best visualisation of your logo, text, name, image … so you can be proud of your order. 

Gold! Pasco again elected as the best company in business gifts and promotional items.